Stars And Stripes

Stars And Stripes slot machine by Saucify

Slots Features

Min Coin Size:
Max Coin Size:
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Auto Play:
Progressive Jackpot:
2.9 / 5

There are many reasons to love United States of America and one of them is definitely that there are numerous gambling games for people who are passionate about this „sport“. In order to pay tribute to the greatest gambling nation the people from Saucify developed a video game slot which has a theme of America.

In other words, this 3-reel slot is one huge American flag with everything in it pointing out this.

Saucify is a very famous game developing company which specialized in developing gambling video games, especially slots with many different themes. Unlike most of their slots which are 5-reel and request a lot of thinking and strategizing, this one is for a complete relaxation and fun.

Needless to say, the game is completely free to play where the player gets 100 credits in order to play. Furthermore, there is no need for the player to give any kind of information, be it his or her user name, password, credit card number or e-mail. As soon as you click play – you are able to start spinning and winning.

Although the game is pretty simple to both play and understand, here are some options that it offers explained.

  • Coin selection button – this button allows you to select the type of coin that you want to insert in the slots. The minimum amount is $0.01 and the maximum amount is $1.
  • Number of coins button – you can insert either one or two coins before each spin. This option is a bit different in regard to other slots developed by Saucify where usually up to 10 coins are allowed per spin.
  • Auto spin – once you click this button and enter the number of spins, just sit back, relax and enjoy the show in front of your eyes. The computer will automatically spin for you for the number of times that you had set and you can stop it anytime.
  • Bet Max – Bet the maximum possible amount for the following spin.

The symbols are mostly connected to the US and there is an Eagle and the American Flag which is also the wild symbol that replaces all the other symbols.

The music in the game is not connected to the theme but more resembles the atmosphere of a typical casino with people chattering everywhere and the sounds of slot machines being spined.

Furthermore, the background of the game is stylish red wall as in very popular and big casinos which also fulfill the whole feeling of the player being a part of it.

To sum up, this video game slot is mostly for the people who love this type of gambling and games to relax and enjoy spinning. If you are looking for something more complex, you should check out 5-reel slots that Saucify mostly develops.

Also, should you wish to play this slot with real money, that is also possible and there is a procedure which can allow you to do so if you really like the game. Just enjoy and happy spinning!

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